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Caring for a Healthy Dog | Keeping your Dog Healthy & Happy

Caring for a Healthy Dog | Keeping your Dog Healthy & Happy

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This e-book on “Perfect handbook for imperfect dog owners” emphasizes the pet owner to offer good care to his or her pet and also gives solutions for unresolved problems.

1. Understanding ingredients

2. Dogs need different diets at different ages

3. Vitamin and mineral supplements

4. Boredom and variety

5. Cost of feeds

6. Dry Vs. Canned food

7. Home made diets

8. Food allergies

9. How much should I feed my dog?

10. How often should I feed my dog?

11. Signs of Ill health

12. Heart worm, fleas and other parasites

13. Heart worm prevention

14. Common questions about heart worm

15. Fleas and other parasites

16. Do parasites cause “Scooting”?

17. Preventing dental disease

18. Home dental care

19. Veterinary dental treatments

20. The importance of the physical examination

21. Why are regular check-ups important?

22. What happens during an examination?

23. How often should my pet be examined?

24. How to administer medicine

25. Nursing a sick dog

26. Vaccinations

27. Common questions about vaccinations

28. Spaying and neutering

29. Spaying of the Female dog

30. Surgical neutering of the male dog

31. Pet health insurance

32. Clipping a dog

33. First steps in grooming

34. Bathing a dog

35. Pet Identification



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